Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We have been having a crazy couple of months. Sorry for the lack in posts. We have had a few changes around the Glazier house.

First this guy

Daxon Kale is the highlight of the family right now. Everyone is enjoying him so much. He is so cute and makes everyone crack up. He is a little monkey and loves to sit, crawl and pull himself up onto everything. He only sat still for one day once he learned how to sit and then it was off to the races, he has 3 other siblings to keep up with I guess. He loves to copy everything you do and his new tricks are clapping his hands when you say yeah!!!!! I think it is from him cheering at so many football games for his brothers. He loves to stick out his tongue and copy when you do it.
He has the most awesome mowhawk. He has only grown a strip of hair straight down the middle of his head. The mowhawk is in style right now so just go with it, right??? He is a monkey and loves to climb up everything and anything. This morning he was sitting in his highchair in the kitchen and it was pushed up against my back counter. I ran upstairs to change the laundry, when I came back down 5 minutes later and he had climbed out of the high chair over the back and is now sitting on the kitchen counter eating chocolate chip cookies that were sitting there. I almost died when I came down and found him. We were laughing so hard. That was this morning. This afternoon I let him crawl around and after about 5 minutes I couldn't find him I look all the way upstairs and he has crawled all the way upstairs and is in the middle of the hallway. I just can't believe he is already so big.

Here is a a small video of his latest achievements. Although it is only a few days old it is already outdated. He is going to look so funny walking around at 11 months old when he looks like he is 7 months old but it is only days away. He doesn't stay at one thing for long.

Little Miss Attitude got her self a haircut. She looks so old and sassy. My friend Darcee cut it so if anyone tells Addi her haircut is cute she says thanks DAWTHY cut it. It makes me sad that she is so old but she is so fun!!!

This girl is hilarious and keeps us all wondering what she is going to do next. She is turning into a really girlie girl now. She loves dance class, dressing up, playing dolls and everytime she gets dressed she asks me if she looks beautiful.

Grandpa came down and surprised the boys at their football games. He brought Shae with him and Kai was so excited to see him.

Notice the sweet hair style!!!!

I will try and post some more today. I promised to get up a few pictures for Melissa to see.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look at my "2" new tricks

Anyone who knows me well will
find this picture of Daxon pretty hilarious. Oh YEAH he is going to town on his two middle fingers. This is how we find him at night when we go to check on him. Always the left hand and always the two middle fingers............

Someone should tell him that his thumb would taste much better!!!!

I keep trying to put his NA-NA in his mouth (Binky, pacifier whatever you call it at your house) but he is having none of it. He only wants his fingers.

I guess I deserve one finger/thumb sucker, right mom!!!


His next latest and greatest trick is one that I also perfected as a small infant on my fathers palm and all of my children have followed in my footsteps. I didn't think he would be able to do this as early as the others but he is always surprising us. I think it is going to give my neighbor a heart attack if she see this. She used to DIE when Kale used to do it to Addi and she was older than he is and hadn't had quite the obstacles he has had to overcome. Keep in mind he is only 2.5 months gestational age in this picture. 4.5 months birth age.

Introducing the AMAZING DAXON KALE

Isn't it so cool that his "2" new tricks totally take after his Mother!!!!
That's what I thought!!!!
I am currently searching for pictures of me, Kai, Taeber and Addilyn all doing the same trick.
I think it would be cool to see them all side by side.
Maybe we ought to be in the circus!!!!

Easter 2009

One day when we were driving in my moms neighborhood with all the kids in the car we saw a 6 foot fully dressed EASTER BUNNY walking down the street!!!! It was hilarious we all got a good laugh out of it. We still don't know where he was headed but we wanted our kids to go and find out but non of them were brave enough. However when night time fell my sweet Taeber could not sleep because when he closed his eyes all he could see was the CREEPY EASTER BUNNY with big eyes looking at him. He was so afraid to fall asleep each night after this because he kept thinking it was Easter and he didn't want that creepy bunny coming in to our house. Every night we had to tell him it wasn't Easter yet and he would finally relax and fall asleep. The whole time we were in Utah he had a hard time falling asleep because of the CREEPY EASTER BUNNY!!

I thought it would be appropriate to post a picture here of Taebers brave sister here with the CREEPY EASTER BUNNY.

That is pretty CREEPY!!!!! But she is pretty CUTE!!!
So don't ever invite Taeber over if the Easter bunny is going to be there he is scarred for life......

After we got home from Utah we spent Easter with Kale at home. Here are a few pictures from the Easter festivities.

We had a little egg hunt with a few friends.......

Here is Easter morning.
Doesn't Taeber look relieved that he survived the

SprInG bReAK!!!!

I have no idea why I let my family talk me into coming up to Utah for our spring break when it was cold and wet the entire time, and it was 85 degrees in Vegas. I keep telling them that I must love them ALOT!!!!! I would give up nice weather to spend time with them any day. We had 7 children staying at my mom and dads house (Melissa and her family live with them right now) so most of the time was complete and utter chaos and I think my parents were glad to see us go so that they only have 3 kids running wild. We tried to do one activity with the kids a day just to get them out of the house: but with 7 kids, 2 moms, 1 grandma and one very pregnant aunt we didn't make it very far. The first day we took the kids to the infamous "Bean Museum" and to the creamery for some hot dogs and ice cream.

We went to a movie at the good ole' Scera Theater and we were the only ones in the theater. The kids thought this was pretty cool.

We also went to Boondock's in SLC and spent the day but I failed to take my camera. All in all it was a very successful trip and the kids had a wonderful time spending every waking second with their cousins. It also got us one week closer to busy season being over !!!!!!! Yeah

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A wonderful 4 months

Look who is a big 4 months old today!!!!

I know it looks like he is winking but this is his really adorable smile!!!

He is about 1 day away from full out laughter and I can't wait.

I love this kid so much and I am so thankful for him everyday!!
I am so grateful for his health, all 10 lbs of him!
I am so proud to be his Mama!

He is sleeping at one 5-6 hour stretch at night!
Your brothers and sister are totally smitten by you, now that they are allowed to cuddle and kiss you (with clean hands and face of coarse)!

He is such a good little dude, while he gets drug around in his car seat while we drive the other boys to baseball and he has already sat (sleep through) his share of baseball games with many, many more to come!!

He is exactly 2 weeks away from making through his dad's first "Busy Season".


Really it's Mom who has survived her 1st busy season with 4 kids, and they are all still alive!

It is so true what they say about after the trial comes the blessing.
Daxon has definitely been the biggest blessing in our lives.

Happy 4 month birthday my MIRACLE BOY!!!!!


Daxon Kale was finally well enough to attend his first sacrament meeting and receive his name and a special Priesthood blessing from his father. Here are a few pictures from the special day.

Dax was really tired after his long special day.

(Yes I did cut a whole lot of bangs, they are not my favorite yet, but is was a really windy day and it didn't help at all for the pictures. But hey it is only hair and they will grow back right????)

Monday, February 16, 2009

What do you do when your kids have the day off of school and it is raining ALL DAY!!!

A Carnival of coarse!!!!!
Today I am proud to say that the TV in our house was NEVER EVER turned on. Which is a big feat here especially with no school and rainy cold weather. The kids woke with the idea of making their own carnival. "SWEET" go for it!!! Here are some pictures to capture the event.
It took them almost all morning to set up for the big event. I was upstairs feeding the baby, doing laundry and other various things and was not allowed downstairs until it was ready. Fine by me as long as I still have 3 children downstairs in one piece when they get finished. I did get quite a lot done.
Here's how it went down......
First you must purchase your tickets. That's right PURCHASE, they already know how to make money. I am sure this was Kai's idea.
This was Kais wall of "Red Plastic Cups" You paid one ticket and got a guess at how many cups were in his Christmas tree. (There were 78 if you were wondering, and trust me Kale counted them). After your guess they pulled a paper from under the blinds with the number 78 on it just to prove to you what the number really was. Then Kai preformed his magic trick (kind of like the game stacker's where he piled them up on top of each other a row at a time.) It actually was kind of a cool trick. The kids almost killed each other trying to get this thing constructed time and time again when at the very last cup someone would knock it over. Don't breath...

Next you would go to the "Duck Duck Goose" booth where you paid a ticket to play the infamous game with the 3 hooligans. You even got a pillow to pad your behind while you sat.

Next you were on to Taebers creation of "Throw the Ball". This time you paid a ticket to throw a tennis ball and knock over his construction of red cups and hidden inside if you knocked it down was a gumball that you got to keep.

This is Kai's next booth where you paid a ticket to go on the "Jumpity Jump". The kids put the big bean bag in between a chair and the couch and "jumpity jumped" until there hearts content. Until Kai had a small neighbor child who was over enjoying the carnival and she was sitting on the bean bag and he "jumpity jumped" her right onto the floor and she had to leave in tears. This photo was taken before the incident and Kai is doing his favorite pose.

There was also a "Basket toss" booth in which you took my nice pillows from the couch and tossed as many as you could into a basket, which I guess I failed to get a picture of.

Addi had the best booth of the day. She was selling her Valentines Day candy, one piece for one ticket. She had them all organized into colors and kinds. Very funny, I laughed out loud!!

After this we spent the afternoon making phone calls and inviting neighbors to come and enjoy and fun. The kids hosted everyone as they came to the carnival. I failed to get pictures after the chaos started but you will just have to imagine Kai in his element bossing everyone around, Taeber giving all his Valentines gumball away and Addi selling off her candy as she stuffed most of it in her mouth.

I have to say it was one of the funnest days we have had in this house in a long time. And I still have the 3 children all in one piece!!!! Your welcome to come to the carnival anytime. They wanted me to take pictures so they could remember how they set it up and what they did at each booth so they could do it again next time they had a day off of school.

So what did you do with your day off of school???