Monday, February 16, 2009

What do you do when your kids have the day off of school and it is raining ALL DAY!!!

A Carnival of coarse!!!!!
Today I am proud to say that the TV in our house was NEVER EVER turned on. Which is a big feat here especially with no school and rainy cold weather. The kids woke with the idea of making their own carnival. "SWEET" go for it!!! Here are some pictures to capture the event.
It took them almost all morning to set up for the big event. I was upstairs feeding the baby, doing laundry and other various things and was not allowed downstairs until it was ready. Fine by me as long as I still have 3 children downstairs in one piece when they get finished. I did get quite a lot done.
Here's how it went down......
First you must purchase your tickets. That's right PURCHASE, they already know how to make money. I am sure this was Kai's idea.
This was Kais wall of "Red Plastic Cups" You paid one ticket and got a guess at how many cups were in his Christmas tree. (There were 78 if you were wondering, and trust me Kale counted them). After your guess they pulled a paper from under the blinds with the number 78 on it just to prove to you what the number really was. Then Kai preformed his magic trick (kind of like the game stacker's where he piled them up on top of each other a row at a time.) It actually was kind of a cool trick. The kids almost killed each other trying to get this thing constructed time and time again when at the very last cup someone would knock it over. Don't breath...

Next you would go to the "Duck Duck Goose" booth where you paid a ticket to play the infamous game with the 3 hooligans. You even got a pillow to pad your behind while you sat.

Next you were on to Taebers creation of "Throw the Ball". This time you paid a ticket to throw a tennis ball and knock over his construction of red cups and hidden inside if you knocked it down was a gumball that you got to keep.

This is Kai's next booth where you paid a ticket to go on the "Jumpity Jump". The kids put the big bean bag in between a chair and the couch and "jumpity jumped" until there hearts content. Until Kai had a small neighbor child who was over enjoying the carnival and she was sitting on the bean bag and he "jumpity jumped" her right onto the floor and she had to leave in tears. This photo was taken before the incident and Kai is doing his favorite pose.

There was also a "Basket toss" booth in which you took my nice pillows from the couch and tossed as many as you could into a basket, which I guess I failed to get a picture of.

Addi had the best booth of the day. She was selling her Valentines Day candy, one piece for one ticket. She had them all organized into colors and kinds. Very funny, I laughed out loud!!

After this we spent the afternoon making phone calls and inviting neighbors to come and enjoy and fun. The kids hosted everyone as they came to the carnival. I failed to get pictures after the chaos started but you will just have to imagine Kai in his element bossing everyone around, Taeber giving all his Valentines gumball away and Addi selling off her candy as she stuffed most of it in her mouth.

I have to say it was one of the funnest days we have had in this house in a long time. And I still have the 3 children all in one piece!!!! Your welcome to come to the carnival anytime. They wanted me to take pictures so they could remember how they set it up and what they did at each booth so they could do it again next time they had a day off of school.

So what did you do with your day off of school???

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Saturday, February 7, 2009

We are home again........

This kiddo continues to amaze us!!! He has endured a second hernia repair surgery. The best news of all is that he has run out of side to get another hernia so hopefully these will hold. Much to my disdain we had another night in the hospital, I tried to talk Kale into spending the night but he reminded me that he didn't have the goods to feed him or he would. So I endured again and we both survived. He has done remarkably well. These were some pictures I took in the hospital, with his IV. I think he looks so big!!!! He is starting to fill out and look like a regular new born at 9 weeks old. Weighing in at 6 lbs 15 ozs.

Love to all!!!