Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A wonderful 4 months

Look who is a big 4 months old today!!!!

I know it looks like he is winking but this is his really adorable smile!!!

He is about 1 day away from full out laughter and I can't wait.

I love this kid so much and I am so thankful for him everyday!!
I am so grateful for his health, all 10 lbs of him!
I am so proud to be his Mama!

He is sleeping at one 5-6 hour stretch at night!
Your brothers and sister are totally smitten by you, now that they are allowed to cuddle and kiss you (with clean hands and face of coarse)!

He is such a good little dude, while he gets drug around in his car seat while we drive the other boys to baseball and he has already sat (sleep through) his share of baseball games with many, many more to come!!

He is exactly 2 weeks away from making through his dad's first "Busy Season".


Really it's Mom who has survived her 1st busy season with 4 kids, and they are all still alive!

It is so true what they say about after the trial comes the blessing.
Daxon has definitely been the biggest blessing in our lives.

Happy 4 month birthday my MIRACLE BOY!!!!!


Daxon Kale was finally well enough to attend his first sacrament meeting and receive his name and a special Priesthood blessing from his father. Here are a few pictures from the special day.

Dax was really tired after his long special day.

(Yes I did cut a whole lot of bangs, they are not my favorite yet, but is was a really windy day and it didn't help at all for the pictures. But hey it is only hair and they will grow back right????)


Heather said...

Daxon is a sweet baby. I can't believe how good he was when we were visiting. I think I like the bangs. They are cute.

Lara said...

Daxon is definitely a cutie pie! What a sweet little guy - and he looks so handsome in his little blessing outfit. Thanks for sharing all the adorable pictures! :)

Allen & Stefanie Bell said...

He is sooo stinkin cute!! Look at his big smile! How sad, I have not seen a smile that big in real life! I love this little guy! I love the pictures of the kids holding him, he is happy with Kai and Tae, and then Addi holds him and he is screaming!! haha that is funny!

R and R said...

I think the bangs are so cute! And Daxon is adorable as well. I am so glad you are making out and about again!