Sunday, March 23, 2008

Fun Easter Weekend

This weekend we went for a fun adventure with a friend of mine from our ward named Darcie. Her parents live in a place called El Dorado Canyon. It is an old mining camp from the 1800's. It is out in the middle of nowwhere on the very southern border of Nevada. Her parents live in the "Store", where people come in for their tours, buy snacks, drinks and look at all the pictures and history. There has movies shot here and many magazine photo shoots. Like Anthropology loves to come and do photo shoots here. They live there and give mine tours and horseback rides, ATV rides and river rafting trips. The Colorado river is 5 miles down the road from the mine and that is where the road ends. Seriously this place is in the middle of now where. The boys spent Friday roaming free in the hills and rocks. Kale and Addi and I got up there about 7 pm. We had a fire, complete with tinfoil dinners and smores. I felt like I was back in Provo Canyon. (Ok not really) The kids ran around and played until 11:00 pm when they hit there sleeping bags they were asleep before we even turned out the lights. (I LOVE nights like that) In the morning we made breakfast and went exploring. We starting early with a tour of the mine which was really neat. We had to start early because the had 250 visitors coming that day to tour the mine. We also toured all the old houses and cabins that are on the property that they have fixed up and are filled with cool antiques. The kids shot bow and arrows and BB guns. It was such a fun time, Thanks Darcie for showing us this cool place. You honestly would never, ever, ever find this place unless you were either A) Really Lost in Southern NV, B) Drunk and wondered off C) had a cool friend like Darcie. Now we have another fun place to take visitors.

After all that excitment we came home on Saturday afternoon and got ready for a quiet uneventful Easter Sunday!!!! Here are some picures from coloring eggs and Easter Morning.

It is sometimes hard to be away from our families, espcially on fun holidays, but we are loving every minute of being our own little family!!!!!!